Volvo Aviation engine RM 8A

Volvo Aviation engine RM 8A


Volvo Aviation engine in Trollhättan adapted a civilian engine from Pratt & Whitney, the JT8D to military requirements, which resulted in the RM 8 engine intended for the Viggen. Extensive development work was required with a changed fan and turbine, new combustion chambers, new materials, development of an afterburner and a completely new fuel regulation system.


Development of the RM 8 started in 1962 and the last series-produced engine was delivered in 1988.

It was available in two designs; RM 8A for AJ 37, SK 37, SH 37 and SF 37 as well

the stronger RM 8B for the JA 37.

A total of 380 engines were produced.


Exhibited engine, which is no. 17, has been fitted in fpl 37800 which first flew 1970-06-02


The aircraft was an SK 37 with markings "SAAB 58" and later transferred to the Test Center (FC) and marked "Viktor 22".


The engine was used for testing and has a number of deviations from serial execution.


Preserved 1993-06-01.


Total engine running time: 1191 hours and 3 minutes.