Close Reconnaissance Radar PS-72 (NSRR PS-72)

Close Reconnaissance Radar PS-72 (NSRR PS-72)


NSRR PS-72 was acquired around 1965, supplier was the Danish company Terma. Radam was available in both fixed (PS 72) and movable (PS 722) designs.


The station was part of, among other things, staff batteries, some artillery batteries and reconnaissance units. The task was to measure direction and distance to ships in the immediate area as well as to introduce fire control radar.


The target bearing, direction/distance, was read on the PPI (radar screen) and entered on the plot (map). On “plotters" the target's location was read in X and Y coordinates and relayed via telephone or radio.


Ended the organization in 1985 and was replaced by PS 615.


Antenna rotation speed 20 rpm

Range: 20 km


Radar antennas mounted in different ways, here on a house gable or mast mounted.


Outside Skans 4, another type of mast that was used is shown.