12 cm Grenade launcher m/62

12 cm Grenade launcher m/62


The grenade launcher was portable and divided into three parts (fire tube, barrel, support plate) where each part weighs 35 kg.


The director, assistant director and loader carried the three parts of the grenade launcher and the other soldiers carried the ammunition boxes.


Pieces was grouped in line with 35 m gap. They fired with parallel fire tubes and the area of ​​effect in the target was 1 ha (100x100 m).


Caliber:                         12 cm

Range:                           4 km

Rate of fire:                   20 rounds/min


12 cm Grk m/62 was replaced during the 1990s with 81 mm Grk m/84.


Picture 1:   A tongue group moves and carries their equipment

Picture 2:   Lovett, Fire Pipe, Support Plate

Picture 3:   Charger, Director, Director, Bitr director

Picture 4:   Ready for firing



The grenade launchers were organized into platoons consisting of three grenade launchers, an assembly point (Spl) and two fire control patrols (Eptr).


Personnel: Platoon leader, deputy platoon leader, each play section 5 soldiers, Spl 4 soldiers and Eptr with 4 soldiers.


On Gotland there were three platoons. Two were part of the archipelago shuttle companies Fårösundsbataljonen and Sitebataljonen, respectively, as well as the third platoon in the brigade staff in Rute.


The platoons were initially grouped with Orientation towards air landing field. The platoons also supported in attack combat.


For a period, one grk was included in every light robot battery to illuminate the target with flares.