J35J Draken

J35J Draken



The Saab J 35 Draken formed the basis of Swedish fighter defense during much of the "cold war".


The basic structure of the aircraft is from scratch from the 50s and the first deliveries to the air force was started as early as 1960.


The aircraft had good flight characteristics in under- and supersonic speeds. It had an effective weapon system with radar and fighter robots. It meant the possibility of fighting targets in all weather situations and lighting conditions.


The J35 was combat led by a newly developed computerized combat control system Stril 60, and was adapted to the unique Swedis war and road base system Bas 60.


The Dragon was developed in the fighter versions J 35A, B, D, F and J, reconnaissance version

S 35E and a two-seater school version SK 35C.


In total, SAAB delivered 533 units. aircraft 35 Dragon In seven versions to the Air Force.


The last operational J 35J was withdrawn from service on December 8, 1998

at Scanian air flotilla F 10 Ängelholm.