Robot 17 (Rb 17)

Robot 17 (Rb 17)


The Rb 17 is a portable coastal robot intended to be launched from land against ships.


Bofors modified the American Hellfire anti-tank robot into the Rb 17.


The robot unit became operational and was part of the war organization from 1990.


Laser illuminator pinpoints the target. The reflected radiation is detected by the target seeker, which guides the robot towards the light point until impact.


To avoid detection and interference, an infrared laser is used that is modulated with a code that is recognized by the target seeker. The principle is called a semi-active laser target seeker.


In darkness and poor visibility, the laser illuminator's IR sight is used to point out the target.


Laser illuminator and robot unit do not need to be grouped together.


Robot weight:                48 kg

Output speed:               450 m/s

Rang:                               approx. 8 km

Propulsion takes place with a powder rocket engine.

Semiactive laser target finder.

Laser illuminator:           Measuring distance from 250 m to 20,000 m.