RM 8A Viggenengine

RM 8A Viggenengine


The RM 8 is a dual-current motor.

Part of the air is led into an external duct from the fan where it passes past the combustion chambers and is re-mixed with the hot combustion gases in the outlet.


This gives lower fuel consumption at cruising speed than a single-current engine and enables a large traction power addition with the afterburner lit. The fuel consumption will then be approx. 1000 lit/min!.



Engine Data and Performance


Engine weight:                2100 kg

Length:                             6,16 m

Inlet diameter:                 1,03 m

Compressor pressure:    16,5:1


Axial compressor with number of compressor stages

Fan + low pressure compressor 2 +4

High pressure compressor 7


Combustion chamber:   9 flame tubes


Number of turbine stages:

High pressure turbine:    1

Low pressure turbine:     3


Traction idle:                      330 kp/3.2 kN

Traction off EBK:                6690 kp/65.6 KN

Traction on EBK:                11790 kp/115.6 KN


Bypass:                                0.97:1

Turbine temperature:        1120 °C


Traction / Weight:              5.4:1

Revolutions per minute:    11 620