Hultungs 21 cm cannon m/1898


Hultungs 21 cm cannon m/1898


Battery Hultung's a heavy 21 cm sea front battery.


The battery was located 2 km south of Bunge church and its pieces consisted of the corresponding fire pipes that you see in front of you.


The battery was included in the war organization from 1939 with

firing (function check) of two pieces from the armored boat “Dristigheten”.


A third piece was added to the battery in 1941 from the armored boat “Manligheten”.


The battery participated in a large exhibition shooting in June 1940 with Crown Prince Gustav Adolf and a large number of prominent visitors with good results.



Ammunition:                  Explosive grenade, Steel grenade, Half-armor grenade


Range:                          26 000 m


Rate of Fire:                  approx. 4 shots/minute


Grenade Weight:           116-128 kg


Charge Weight:             Load 1 = 15 kg Load 2 = 32 kg




Each piece was served by 15 men and an ammunition service of 7 men.

A total of 22 officers and soldiers.



The battery came out of the war organization in 1968 and was dismantled at the beginning of the 1970s.



The service at 21 cm gun M/98 A 121 cm, in rampart M/35


The Piece service consists of:

Piece manager (P)

Side director (SR)

Altitude controller (HR)

Altitude controller assistant (HRb)

Side difference sensor (SDG)

Length difference sensor (LDG)

Mechanism operator (MS)

  1. charger (1. L)
  2. charger (2. L)
  3. Projectile Retriever (1. PH)
  4. Projectile Retriever (2. PH)
  5. Projectile Retriever (3. PH)
  6. Powder picker (1. KH)
  7. Powder picker (2. KH)
  8. Powder picker (3. KH)


The ammunition service - one for each piece

Ammunition undercover (AUB)

  1. Projectile launcher (1. PL)
  2. Projectile launcher (2. PL)
  3. Projectile launcher (3. PL)
  4. Gunner (1. KL)
  5. Gunner (2. KL
  6. Gunner (3. KL