7,5 cm m/12

                                                      7,5 m/12


This gun was a part of a gunbattery at Tjelders who was built in Gothemshammar around 1,5 swedeish mile South of Slite.


In the battery was 3 guns in covered shelters. This gun was the spared gun and therefore the 4 gun in reserve.


All guns was earlier gun from older maritime ship. This gun was first mounted on HMS Queen Viktoria, an armourd cruiser who was launched 1917, after that, placed on patrol boat Kaparen.


Battery Tjelders was buillt and ready for action in the end of 1958. It served until the begining Of 1980.






Calibre                                            7,5 cm


Range of fire                                10 km


Rate of fire                                    8 rounds/mini


Crew                                              6 soldiers


Fixed ammunition                      12 kg a piece


Shell                                                6 kg


Charge                                            2,4 kg




From Left


Picture 1                                        Gun in shelter


Picture 2                                        HMS Queen Viktoria


Picture 3                                        Gun in shelter with camoflage