Aviation & Marine


Aviation & Marine


Here is shown the development of the Gotland coastal artillery, materiel and all types of fixed and mobile artillery, mine and robotic units that were part of the Gotland coastal artillery up until the decommissioning in 2000.

The air force on Gotland during the 20th century.


Hangar 1: The Air Force

                   J35 F (Draken), SF 37 (Viggen), aircraft engines, Hkp 3, air rescue, etc.


Building 2:: Coastal Artillery

                    Grenade launchers, anti-aircraft, light naval target robots,

                    fire lines, the defense's largest coke trailer.


AN-2:        "Fleeing from the Soviet Union in 1987". Exhibition of events after the emergency

                    landing at Östergarn.


Redoubt 4: The navy on Gotland from Carlswärd to KA3. STRIL and the Photo exhibition flight

                      on Gotland, etc.


Piecepark 1: Fixed Coastal Artillery. Helicopter 1 ("The Banana")


Piecepark 2: Mobile Coastal Artillery, Anti-Aircraft, Fire Control Radar, Heavy

                        Coastal Robot.


Weather protection: Pressure chamber, mining boat, mines.


Standby location: J35 The kite and clearing material.


The only museum in Sweden with exhibits from the Army, Air Force and Navy.