Robot 08   (RB08)

Robot System 08 (RBS 08A)


Robot System 08 (RBS 08A) was a naval weapon system for invasion defense.


The system was the first operational naval robotic system in the Western world.

The destroyer “Småland” took the system into operational service in 1966, followed by the destroyer “Halland” in 1967 and a heavy coastal robot battery in 1968.


When the destroyers were decommissioned in the late 1970s, the robots were transferred to the coastal artillery.

The robot unit was operational until 1995 when it was rearmed to Robot 15.


The coastal robotic system included launch pads, robots, fire control equipment, communications, and combat control equipment, as well as equipment for handling, clearing, transport and maintenance.


The target was detected by radar and target data was sent to the robotic fire control which calculated fire bearing, distance and robot data. When the target was in range, the robot launched from a launch pad using two powder rockets. These released when they had finished burning, which took about 2 seconds.

The turbojet engine then took over propulsion.


The robot rose to a height of about 600 meters with the help of a barometric altimeter.


The robot was guided up to approx. 15 km from the target when the radar target seeker began to scan the target area. When the target was discovered and if it then met certain criteria, the target seeker took control. In the final phase, the robot dived towards the target. The powerful fighting part was triggered by a combination of several initiation system.





Length:                                           5,72 m

Height:                                            1,33 m

Span:                                              3,01 m

Weight robot:                                  900 kg

Weight of launch rockets 2 pcs:       315 kg

Motor:                                             Turbomeca 400 kp

Speed:                                            900 km/tim

Range:                                            > 70 km


The robot unit has not been included in the Gotland war organization.


The test firings were carried out from the KA 3 firing site on the Vialms promontory at the northern entrance to Fårösund.