J35J Draken

J35J Draken

Series no: 35545

Call sign "Johan 45"


No. 35545 was delivered as J 35F to the air force on 11/11/1968 and has served on the following flotillas:


F 13 Bråvalla:               1968-1971                    "Martin 45"

F 12 Kalmar:                 1971-1979                     "Ludvig 10"

F 1 Västerås:                 1979-1982                    "Adam 10"

F 10 Ängelholm:          1982-1989                    "Johan 10"

(Mod. to J 35J):             1989-1998                    "Johan 45"



After 1620 flight hours the J 35F was modified the aircraft of the J 35J.


The J 35J version had improved electronics, new instrument, a modified automatic cannon installation, two more mounts for robots as well as greater fuel capacity.


From September 1989 it was flown as "Johan 45" at the 102nd Fighter Aviation Division in Ängelholm.


Total flight time 2470 hours of which 1301 starts as J 35J.


The last flight was carried out on 22/09/1998 to Visby Aviation Museum.