40mm_anti-aircraft_Lvakan m48

40 mm anti-aircraft automatic cannon m/48 (Lvakan m/48)

40 mm anti-aircraft automatic cannon m/48 (Lvakan m/48)


Automatic cannon intended for air and sea targets.


Two guns together with fire control equipment formed a anti-aircraft troop (LV troop). The squad was fixedly grouped or mobile.


Gotland's coastal artillery defense included a fixed LV troop in the 15.2 cm batteries at Bungenǎs, Trelge and the 21 cm battery at Hultungs.


Battery Slite 1 included one fixed and one mobile troop.


The 15.2 cm mobile battery m/37 included a mobile squad.


Normally, the pieces were machine-aligned by remote control from

the fire control instrument, alternatively with proximity control from the aiming position.


As a reserve, hand straightening without a machine was used.


Max firing range:             approx. 5000 m

Rate of fire:                      240 rounds/min

Ammunition:                    tracer grenade with zone tube or instant tube

Projectile weight:            2.10kg

Output speed:                  960 m/sec

Direction normal:             Machine direction

Direction reserve:            Hand direction

Directional speed:           85 degrees/sec

Crew:                                 7 men



The 40 mm cannon was part of the war organization from the end of the 40s until the decommissioning of the Gotland Coast Artillery Regiment KA 3 in 2000.