Fighter robot RB 24J



Fighter robot RB 24J



The fighter aircraft's armament consists mainly of fighter robots with the intention of fighting enemy aircraft, helicopters, etc.


The RB 24J has a passive IR target finder that guides the robot towards heat sources.

When the own aircraft has reached a favorable position for attack, the pilot activates the robot's target seeker, and when the seeker has read the target, a tone is heard in the pilot's headphones and the robot can be fired.


A powder engine accelerates the robot for 1.8 sec to Mach 1.5 above the speed of the aircraft, after which it decelerates to Mach 0.8.

Total flight time varies depending on flight altitude and launch speed.

The effect part consists of a laser zone tube which, when the target passes, starts the detonation of the combat part's charge of hexatonal, which scatters shrapnel in all directions.


Max speed above aircraft speed:

 M 2.0

Engine burning time:

3.5 sec

Max passage distance Zon pipe:

9 meters


81 kg


The example above is a so-called Practice Robot 24 J. (Green)

It consists of an operational target seeker part, which gives tone to the pilot, mounted on a practice robot body (zone tube, action part and gunpowder motor are dummies).


Weapon carrier:

J 35 D/F/1, fpl 37 and JAS 39A

service: 1978-2006