Picture 1: The cooking wagon pulled by a cargo all-terrain vehicle 934 "Gumse" (General Motors Corporation)


The carriage was part of the mobile 15.2 cm Coast Artillery Battery's supply unit.


Staffing: Cook line manager, conscript cooks, supply crew and car drivers.


They Cooked breakfast, lunch, dinner and night food for 300 people.


Some of the battery's personnel ate their food at the cooking wagon, to other units the food was sent in canteens.


Technical data:

Operating weight:          9330 kg

Max load:                           670 kg

Total weight:                 10,000 kg

(the weight includes 2 gas cylinders of 45 kg and a filled water tank of 1060 liter)


Low-pressure boiler 101 is a tank-type steam boiler used for cooking and water heating.

The heat from the fire heats up the water in the boiler and the steam that is then formed is led through steam hoses equipped with boiling or steam jet pipes to pressure cookers or other types of vessels.


Picture 2: Pressure cooker

Picture 3: Boiling water