Reconnaissance radar PS 821/T

Reconnaissance radar PS 821/T


Basically a reconnaissance radar from Terma in Denmark


Reengineered into a portable tracking and reconnaissance radar to lighten the robotic battery. A total of 60 were procured.


Was part of the war organization from the end of the 1960s, the century to the beginning of the 1990s.


Output power:               10 kw

Rotation speed:             6 rpm




For serial procurement of PS-821, a specification was drawn up in which a very extensive environmental test section was prepared. Basically a corresponding specification for the production of portable radio stations.


The environmental tests etc. included, among other things, MTBF tests, whereby each serial example of the radar was run for several hours. Through this, many manufacturing defects are detected. In addition to the conventional environmental tests such as shock, vibration, heat, cold, moisture, rain in a laboratory environment, some unconventional wind tests were carried out with the antenna by placing the radar on a truck bed which was then driven at about 100 km/hour. Furthermore, the radar’s units would all be dropped from a certain height into the water and there would become floating. This test was carried out with the help of the fire brigade in the port of Aarhus. De-icing tests were carried out at KA 1 Vaxholm with the help of the present fire brigade.