10, 5 cm cannon model 1934

10,5 cm cannon m/34


In 1939, KA 3 in Fårösund received 8 guns that were transferred from KA2 in Karlskrona.


They were organized into the 1st and 2nd 10.5 cm Coast Artillery Batteries.

This cannon, No. 52 was part of the 1st battery.


During the time that the fixed coastal artillery was being built up, they were grouped on northern Gotland.

When the build-up was finished, they got grouping places Östergarnlandet.


KA 3 was assigned 15.2 cm mobile guns m/37 in 1944.

As a result, the batteries were transferred to A7 but kept their grouping locations in Östergarn.


Expired from the defense organization in 1988.


Weight:                         4000 kg.

Firing range:                 17300 meters.

Rate of fire:                   8 shots/min.

Projectile weight:           16 kg.

Cartridge case: charge1 2.67 kg. load2 3.83 kg.

Crew:                            8 soldiers.

Manufacture:                 Bofors.