57 mm piece m/99-1900

57 mm piece m/99-1900


Picture 1: Salute at the Fårösund salute station


On Gotland there were eight batteries with this piece type grouped for inlet defense in Fårösund, Slite, Kappelshamn and Visby.

The batteries contained different numbers of pieces, in total there were nineteen pieces.


Battery Vialms, Battery Ar                Fårösund north


Battery Hällerevet, Österklint and Lime mortar    Fårösund south


Batteri Asunden                               Slite


Battery Bläse                                   Kappelshamn


Battery Visby:                                  Visby


The pieces came from older warships and were placed in concrete bunkers except battery Asunden which was placed in open piece defences.

The batteries were built between 1939 and 1944.


The batteries emerged from the war organization during the 1950s/60s.


Fårösund's salute station, which was inaugurated in 1976, consisted of four pieces.

The last salute was fired on the Queen's birthday 23/12 2006.


Rate of fire:                   8 rounds/minute.

Firing range:                 5 km.

Crew:                            4 soldiers.

Ammunition:                  Explosive grenade and Steel grenade


More models were available depending on which mount the cannon was mounted on and the design of the protective plate.