SF 37 Viggen

SF 37 Viggen



The SAAB SF 37 is a reconnaissance aircraft intended for photo reconnaissance.


The muzzle contains a camera equipment consisting of seven cameras that can photograph in both daylight and darkness.


The main task was to photograph enemy communication targets, military formations, radar stations, etc. which shall provide the basis for the Commander-in-Chief's planning of his own combat forces and attack attacks.


The SF37 lacks radar and often appeared together with the SH 37 over seas where the SH 37 with its radar located the target and the SF 37 photographed.


The SF 37 also has a data camera that automatically records the time and position of the photographed targets.


SAAB delivered 28 SF 37s to the Air Force from 1977 to 1980. The aircraft type was / service until 2005 in a modified version AJSF 37