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The RM 6 aircraft engine was developed from the Rolls-Royce AVON, which was used in various variants in all SAAB 35 Draken versions.


The RM 6C was used in aircraft 35D, E, F and J. The engine has a 16-stage axial compressor, a combustion comb system consisting of 8 annularly mounted flame tubes, a two-stage axial turbine and an outlet section including EBK67 with adjustable outlet nozzle.


(NOTE: Shown engine Is not equipped with EBK)


With the help of the afterburner, the driver has the opportunity to temporarily increase the engine's thrust during start and combat.


The afterburning means that additional fuel is injected and burned in an afterburning chamber (ebk) in the rear outlet part of the engine.

Strain on the engine and fuel consumption limits the ebk use to 10 minutes per mission.

At the start and climb to the top altitude of 15,000 meters with full throttle and lit ebk, 45% of the fuel has been consumed!



Length RM 6C+ Afterburner EBK67: 8,14 m


Diameter:                                        1,18 m


Weight:                                           1.300 kg


Weight with EBK:                            1.770 kg


Traction force:                                 5.845 kp


Traction with tooth EBK 67:             7.880 kp


Number of compressor stages:        16


Compression ratio:                          8.25


Air consumption at max. speed 8,100 w/m: 78 kg/sec


Fuel consumption basic engine (not EBK): 7,000 lit/hour.

     Lit afterburner: 19,000 lit/hour.


Number of compressor blades:        1359 st


Number of compressor guide rails: 1467 st


Number of turbine blades LT/HT:     177 st

Number of turbine guide rails:           146 st



The engine with serial number 8515 was delivered on 19 Feb 1964. Later fitted to the Danish Air Force's Foch RF 35-XD. Total running time: 1672 hours.