Schneider SG 38



Schneider SG 38


During 1943, a passenger car was modified into a winch car.

The rope on the car was approx. 1300 m, which meant that you got up to 300-400 m where you disconnected.


SG 38 Data

Length:              6.28 m

Span:                10,41 m

Swing:                 2.43m

Empty weight:  100 kg

Max. Startvikt:    210kg

Max. speed:       115 km/tim

Best sliding number:   1:10



Gotland's Flying Club GFK was awarded in 1942 from the Swedish Royal Aero Club, KSAK, an SG 38 construction kit intended for gliding training.

After 427 building hours, the aircraft was approved and assigned the name "Sorken".

The kit is sponsored by Åhlén & Holm (Tempo), who therefore wanted the name Tempo on the plane. GFK received two more construction kits from KSAK in 1943 and 1944.

They were named "Tyra" and "Britta".