7,5 cm fieldautomatic gun m/65

7.5 cm Field automat piece m/65


The piece type was part of the mobile coastal artillery battery which, together with robotic and mine units, formed a mobile barrage battalion.


The battery included three pieces.

The piece belonged to the 202nd coastal artillery battery which was part of the 2nd mobile barrage battalion whose task was to defend Visby harbour, among other things.


The unit was war-organized between 1971 and 1997.



Play director/Side director

Height adjuster

Charger: 2

Ammunition slinger

Motor driver



Caliber:                          7,5 cm

Rate of fire:                   25 rounds/minute

Range:                          12 000 m

Ammunition:               Naval target grenade

                                      Explosive grenade




In the middle:                Armourd gun


Left:                              Maximum combat readines


Right:                            Reconnaissance Photo