15,2 cm Tower doublepiece model 51

15,2 cm tower doublepiece m/51


In 1938, Siam (Thailand) ordered 6 guns of Bofors for the armament of two light cruisers.

The war intervened and the delivery failed. Pieces thus remained in Bofors.


The coastal artillery took over the guns in 1956. Three pieces were placed in Härnösand.

Batteri Bungenäs (BN) was equipped in 1958 with three pieces of this model.


Beneath the tower was an approx. 15 m deep shaft in the bottom of which was the ammunition container placed as well as ammunition elevators to bring the ammunition up to the tower


In connection with the colander, there was a power unit for electricity supply and storage for the 25-strong staff.


The cannon could be aimed and shoot the horizon around.


Battery BN was disbanded as a war unit in 1997


Staffing:                        25 soldiers



Charging 1:                   12 000m

Charging 2:                   22 000 m


Rate of fire:                   6-8 shot/minute


Ammunition:                 Naval target grenade

                                    Explosive grenade


Grenade weight:            46 kg


Propellant charge in sleeve

Charging 1:                   4,9 kg

Charging 2:                   16.3 kg