J11-Fiat C.R42

J11-Fiat C.R42


Faced with the threat of war in Europe, more aircraft were needed in the air force. When the Second World War broke out in 1939, there were problems with deliveries from factories abroad as many countries-imposed export bans. However, Sweden could do business with Italy.

When the Finnish Winter War broke out in November 1939, several collections were made to help the neighbors in the east. The slogan was "Finland's cause is ours!".

With money from one of the collections, twelve Fiat C.R.42s were bought to be donated to Finland.



The Fiat C.R.42 had the designation J 11 in the air force and was mainly used for hunting but to some extent also for reconnaissance. The air force invested in the fighter aircraft during the standby period, and the task was to reject or force down the enemy's aircraft. Flat C.R.42 is a biplane, i.e. has double wings. The aircraft type was already out of date when the J 11 entered service and it was the last biplane purchased as a warplane for the Air Force.

The Finnish Winter War ended in March 1940. Twelve copies of the Fiat C.R.42 had been bought in Sweden to be donated to the Finns, but in the neighboring country the need was now greater for money and more modern aircraft.



The twelve aircraft were therefore used as reconnaissance aircraft in the Swedish Air Force. A further 60 copies were ordered and used as fighter aircraft.



The J 11 was equipped with two 12.7 mm automatic cannons. The surveillance equipment consisted of a handheld camera.



In May 1941, aircraft number 2543 came to F 9 in Säve. It was taken out of service as early as March 1945 as one of the last. The aircraft was placed in the aviation history collections at Malmen in Linköping. This J 11 is one of two preserved complete examples in the world.



Country of origin:          Italy


Manufacturer:               Italian Car Factory Turin (FIAT)


In service:                       1940-1945


Engine:                            FIAT A 74R 1C38, 840 hk hp


Wing span:                      9,7 m


Length:                             8,3 m


Max take-off weight:      2 500 kg

Top speed:                      400 km/h


Crew:                                 1