Catapult Chair A 32 Lansen

Catapult Chair A 32 Lansen.


The A 32 Lansen was fitted with two catapult seats that were produced by SAAB.


This chair was called type 3 and, unlike previous chairs, was equipped with two

cannon tube.


In the beginning, the parachutes were carried between the dressing room and the aircraft on the pilot and the navigators backs, while later the parachute was fastened in the seat.


In the mid-1960s, an automatic deployment of the parachute was introduced

in effect when you were separated after ejection from the seat itself.


Certain speed and height requirements must be met for a successful launch.

It varied greatly depending on dive angle, aircraft attitude and other factors. They had a simple rule of thumb 300/300, that is at least 300 km/h in speed and at least 300 meters in height.


During the years 1957-1981, a total of 68 accidents have occurred with aircraft 32 where one or both of the crew initiated catapult launch.



Out of a total of 111 launches with the Lansen catapult chair, the lives of 91 crew members were saved.


In the cases where the launches failed, the jumps took place either at too low height or at too high a speed.


A total of 134 accidents occurred with the Lansen and 55 drivers and 40 navigators/passengers died in their service in the Air Force.