Robot 52 (Rb 52)

Robot 52 (Rb 52)


Robot 52 was a wire-guided coastal robot that was grouped for the defense of inlets/fairways and harbors.


The robot was wire-controlled with a maximum range of 3 km. The shooter followed the robot through binoculars and steered it with a "joystick" towards the target.


Robot Battery 52 was a unit in the fixed and mobile spar battalions as well as in the fixed barrier companies from the late 60s.


The robot battery consisted of a slab, two robot groups, proximity surveillance radar, light group, and maintenance squad.

Since there were two robot groups, two robots could be fired at the same time and fight two targets.


For shooting in the dark, a 12 cm grenade launcher was initially used for lighting with light grenades.

It was later replaced with a 50 cm headlight.


Country of origin:           France in 1953

Length:                            1190 mm

Weight:                            30 kg

Warhead weight:           6.8 kg


Starter motor and drive motor of powder rocket type with burning time of 1.2s or 20s.


Wire controlled with two st. wire magazine with each 3300 meters wire.

Range:                             500-2500m

Maximum speed:           685 km/h