Grenade launcher

Grenade launcher


8 cm Grk m/46


Was part of the ground defense in various fixed units.


Grouped into squads of two grenade launchers in open defenses.



Piece Manager, Aimer, Charger, Ammunition Launcher


Rate of Fire:                  25 shots/minute

Range:                          300-2000 m



Grenade launchers are used to fire at ground targets.


Shoots in extreme degrees and is directed in height between 45-85 degrees, which means that the grenade has a high trajectory and can shoot at very short distances and over terrain obstacles at the shooting site and target area.


Cannons are aimed between 0 and 45 degrees and have a flatter trajectory and are therefore not useful when firing at ground targets at short distances.



12 cm Grk m/41-75


The army's mobile Grk m/41 modified and placed in an open defense with a rail for aiming/firing around the horizon.


The guard had a mask hood that was rolled away when shooting.


A grenade launcher platoon with three grenade launchers was part of the ground defense at the 12/70 battery in Slite (SE 1).


Crew: Piece Manager, Aimer, Assistant. Aimer, Charger, Ammunition Launcher.


Rate of fire:                   20 shots/minute.

Range:                          300-6000 m.