10.3 cm Light rocket piece m/50

10.3 cm Light rocket piece m/50


The flares were used to illuminate the target so that optical measuring stations could measure in the dark. The piece was loaded with 6 rockets which were then fired in pairs, (upper, middle and lower rail pair).

The light rocket piece complemented and replaced the older 150 cm lighting spotlight.


The rocket was timed (tempered) for the current firing distance.

When the tempering time had expired, the rocket was shot apart, the light kit was ignited and hung in a parachute. The adjusted tempering meant that the light kit came about 1000 m beyond the target and at about 1000 m altitude. The target then appeared in silhouette against the light.


The flare pieces were in all 7.5 cm batteries m/57 and 15.2 cm batteries.

Some of the fleet's ships were also equipped with these rocket racks.


The play was part of the war organization from the 1950s and remained in the fixed units until the beginning of the 80s.


Crew:                           Piececommander, director, loader


Ammunition:                  10.3 cm light rocket m/55 and m/48, weight 30 kg

(57 mm light rocket for practice firing)


Light time:                     65 sec. With a brightness of 400,000 Cd (Candela)

(1 Cd=2.5 cm wide flame on a candle)


Scope:                          Up to 9,000 meters