Helicopter 3B

Helicopter 3B

Call sign: D81 ("David 81")


Agusta Bell 204B/HKP 3 (Military serial number 03421) was delivered in 1962 to air rescue team F 8 at Barkaby.

The helicopter served as a local air rescue helicopter as well as for the transport of personnel for technical maintenance of the air force's radar and ground telecommunication facilities around the country.


In 1983 the helicopter was transferred to F 4 Östersund and served there until the summer of 1998 when it was flown down to F 10 Ängelholm. There it did good service until 31 December of the same year when the Air Rescue Group was disbanded.


The helicopter became the last HKP 3B that flew the Air Force through the flight on 25 January 1999 from F 10 to Visby to be exhibited at the then Gotland Aviation Museum in Visby.


The helicopter's total flight time: 6,133 hours and 25 minutes.