Artillery Fire Control System 725

Artillery Fire Control System 725 (Arte 725)


The Arte 725 was a digitized fire control system for the air defense.


The system consisted of a sight with a TV, a Laser rangefinder and an Operator and Computer Unit.


The system together with two anti-aircraft pieces m/48 formed an Lv squad.

The troops were available in a fixed and a movable version.


One to two Iv troops were included in the fixed and mobile 12 cm and 15.2 cm batteries.


The observer pointed the target at the target.

On the operator unit, the target was displayed on a TV receiver.

The operator placed a target follower symbol on the target, then distance measurement and tracking took place automatically.


The plays were controlled remotely from the Observer - Computer Unit.


Picture 2: Observer - Computer Unit

Picture 3: Aim, TV/Laser


The system was included in the war organization from the end of the 1970s to the disbanding of the Gotland Coast Artillery Regiment KA 3 year 2000