15,2 cm cannon model 1883

15.2 cm cannon m/1883


Piece is of the English model. The Royal Navy replaced the forward-loading guns with this rear-loading guns with a cylindrical screw.

In the Swedish navy, the gun type was the secondary artillery on the armored boat “Svea” from 1886 to 1897. Some cannon boats and steam corvettes were also equipped with this gun model.


The navy phased out the piece type beginning in 1897 and two of the pieces were placed in Fårösund Fortress Battery III during the years 1916 to 1919.

In 1919 the pieces were transferred to KA 1 as reserve equipment and scrapped in 1942.


The cannon (fire tube with mechanism) for this pils comes from the 1st class the gunboat “Edda”, the lavette (lower part) from steamfrigate “Vanadis”.


Bofors firing range has for many years disposed this piece for the development of ammunition.

In 2019, Bofors Testcenter AB deposited the piece to Gotland's Defense Museum and after 100 years, the piece type has returned to Gotland.


This specimen is probably the only one of the fourteen pieces produced that has been saved. It is unique in this context.


Technical data: The fire pipe was produced by the English firm W.G.Armstrong & Col Elswick, Great Britain in the years 1884-1886.


The Lavetten piece is manufactured by Krupp AG in Essen, Germany


Weight:                                           4237 kg.

Grooves in the fire tube:              28.

Exit velocity:                                  506 m/s.

Range:                                            5500m