Fire Management Patrol (Eptr)

Fire Management Patrol (Eptr)


Picture: Fire management assistant, Signalist, E-Patrol Chief


Staffing: E-patrol leader, Fire management assistant, Signalman, Car driver


Equipment: Field Map, E-Disc, Compass, Optical Rangefinder,

Protractor, Crack time clock, Radio.


The e-assistant in the picture has binoculars with built-in laser range finder.


The e-patrol leader plans the ground target fire within the unit through to make terrain sketches and record targets and starting points of the firing artillery and grenade launcher units.


The e-patrol reconnoiters grouping places in connection with

air landing fields and support attacking units.


When firing, the EptrC makes target designations, gives the fire command and does fire observations.


The e-assistant assists the manager with target designations and fire observations.


The signalman is in contact with senior commanders and firing units.