23 kW Machine carriage m/40

23 kW Machine carriage m/40


The machine carriage consists of a transportable engine assembly for generating electric current for anti-aircraft searchlights m/37-38.


As the machine carriage must have the same mobility in the terrain as anti-aircraft searchlights and anti-aircraft artillery, the unit was mounted on a trailer, which was driven directly to the place of use.


For example, trucks, tractors, tanks or horses were used as traction power. The cart is intended to be driven on good roads at a speed of 45 km/h".


The cart could be grouped up to 200 meters from the searchlight.

The cables were laid out from a cable cart and were 200 meters long.


Length:                              4.35 m

Width:                                1.85

Height:                               1.35

Engine:                              Volvo Penta

Power:                               50 hp at 1,500 rpm

Fuel:                                   Gasoline

Consumption:                   approx. 20 lit/hour

Generator:                        DC Voltage 77 volts

Current strength:             150 ampere