Compilation site (Spl)

Compilation site (Spl)


Picture: Second-in-command 1, Signalman, Spl Manager, Fire management assistant 2


Staffing and tasks

Spl Manager:

Leads the work at spl and gives fire command to the grenade launchers.



Liaise with the fire management patrol.


Fire management assistant 1:

The epatroll notifies the location of the target to Spl, EB 1 enters the values ​​on

the slide sensor and, with the help of the measuring disc, takes out the side direction, height direction and which charge is to be used.

When shooting with light and smoke grenades, also tempering.

Inserts fire observations and corrects the values ​​for the grenade launchers.


Fire management assistant 2:

For protocol as well as liaising with the grenade launchers and relaying SpIC commands.