12 cm cannon model 1894

12 cm cannon m/1894


Five pieces of this model were included in battery Slite 1 (SE 1).


The battery was grouped at Mojner south of Slite.


Battery Slite 1 was part of the war organization from 1941 to 1978 when it was replaced by the new 12 cm battery on the island of Asunden outside Slite.


All the pieces came from older warships and were placed in covered concrete hives. This piece comes from the torpedo cruiser Jacob Bagge


Cannon weight:             2083 kg


Range:                          9 km


Rate of fire:                   6 rounds/minute


Grenades:                     Weight 21 kg


Half-armor grenade m/94

Granatkartesch m/08 (filled with lead bullets)

Grenade w/94 (Explosive grenade)

Steel grenade w/40 Cartridge case: Weight approx. 5 kg


Crew:                            12 soldiers


Manufacturer:               Bofors