Mobile Artillery Fire Control 719 (Arte 719 R)

Mobile Artillery Fire Control 719 (Arte 719 R)


Arte 719 was grouped in rock rooms as a fixed installation or as transportable / mobile.


It was the first fire control with digital transmission of values ​​to the firing units.

The transmission took place via wire, radio or radio link.

The measuring station thus no longer needed to be grouped in the middle of firing units.


The fixed stations could fire with their own battery or another battery.

The mobile had prepared grouping sites up to two miles outside the battery area.


The station had a main indicator for reconnaissance and target designation as well as two target trackers for evaluating the target's position and the target's course and speed.

The two target followers made it possible to shoot at two targets with two batteries at the same time.


With the TV camera, you could scout optically and follow the target from the side, the distance was measured with radar or laser meters. Radar antenna, TV camera and laser meter are located on the roof.



Measuring station manager, deputy measuring station manager, surface observer, target follower A, target follower B, radar technician and engine driver.


The hut could float and was pulled by Amphibious vehicle 101 (Alvis)