15,2 cm cannon model 37

15,2 cm Cannon m/37


This cannon was part of the 7th Mobile Coastal Artillery Battery and organized in 1944


The 7 ka battery included 3 guns. When regrouping, the play was moved in two parts, fire pipe or lavatories.

The battery was initially grouped on southeast Gotland.


Issued from KA 3 war organization 1985.


Manufacturer:               Bofors AB


Max firing range:           Charge 1, 17,600 m charge 3,23,000 m

Rate of fire:                   6 rounds/minute

Projectile weight:           46 kg

Weight grouped:            14 800 kg

Output speed:               charge 1, 625 m/sec charge 3, 825 m/sec

Side direction:               60 degrees, then tailing

Piece measurements

length 8.60 m

width 3.10 m

height 2.46 m.

Crew:                            16 soldiers (12 piece crew, 4 drivers)




Loading and transport

Since the piece weighed almost 15 tons, there were neither trucks nor tractors that

managed to pull it.

Therefore, the play was built for two-part transport, fire pipe, respectively lavet wagon. The piece and the fire pipe cart were driven up next to each other and a boom with a traverse was connected between them and placed on the lifts. The fire tube was then detached and hoisted up with the traverse and hauled over to the other vehicle.

During transport, the joined lavet legs were hooked to a type of performer.


Initially, the Skoda 6V was used, but later the Volvo TVC, tow truck 953 (pictured).

Grouped into field positions in about 30 min


All-terrain vehicle 953

Manufacturer:               VOLVO.

Length:                         7.20 m Width: 2.54 m Height: 2.62 m

Engine:                         Volvo FBTCylinders: 6 pcs

Power:                          140 hp at 2600 rpm

Fuel:                             Gasoline, consumption 10 lit/mile

Drive shafts:                 3 st

Gears:                          4 forward, 1 reverse

Winch:                          Forward and backward

Line:                             80 m Traction force: 10,000 kg

Max load:                      3,500 kg.

Total weight:                 9900 kg

Maximum speed:          52 km/h