21 cm cannon m/1898

21 cm cannon m/1898


The cannon (fire tube and mechanism) was manufactured in 1901 with serial number 7.

It was then placed in the piece that was delivered to the navy's armored boat “HMS Wasa”.


Wasa was decommissioned in 1940 and the play was transferred to “HMS Manligheten”.


When the ship was decommissioned in the early 1950s, Bofors reclaimed the cannon. It was used then at their shooting range at Karlskoga for testing and test firing of ammunition.


When that activity ceased, the fire tube lay for many years on the shooting range in Villingsberg.


In autumn 2020, the Gotland Defense Museum acquired the cannon from Bofors Test Center AB.


After that, it became the task of the Marine Division's working group to refurbish the cannon.


To lift the fire pipe and mechanism with a weight of 23 tons, one of Gotland's most powerful mobile cranes was used.