MC 258 A Husqvarna

MC 258 A Husqvarna


MC 258 years classified as heavy motorcycle. It is intended for the driver and one passenger. The motorcycle has a single-cylinder air-cooled two-stroke engine with automatic transmission.


The frame consists of single chrome molybdenum steel tubes. The rear fork is stored in the rear part of the frame. It is a swingarm fork and at the rear is joined to the frame by a combined gas and oil shock absorbers with springs.


The motorcycle's large ground clearance allows maneuvering in difficult terrain.


It can be driven as slowly as a marching troop, has a top speed of 110 km/h with two combat-equipped soldiers and can lie down with the engine idling.


Engine: 1 cylinder Husqvarna 250 cc


Power: 15kW


Fuel: Gasoline with 4% oil admixture


Engine volume: 16.6 liters


Electrical system: 12 volt flywheel generator


Braking system: Mechanical drum brake from and behind


Power transmission 4-speed automatic


The motorcycle has, among other things, used by mc ordinances at air bases to guide landing aircraft to their respective staging areas.


The motorcycle was also equipped with forward flashing yellow warning lights to warn oncoming traffic of aircraft on the roadway.


Husqvarna delivered 3,300 motorcycles during 1980-81

The motorcycles were mainly used by motorcycle ordinances, traffic soldiers and military police.


Husqvarna delivered 3,300 motorcycles in the years 1980-81

Today, the large number of remaining MC 258A can be found at the Voluntary Motorcykelkären, FMCK