Sighting radar PS-01

Sighting radar PS-01


In order for the fighter pilot to detect enemy aircraft from a long distance, and to have the opportunity to fight the target regardless of weather and darkness, the J 35F aircraft was equipped with sighting radar PS-01.


The radar operated on the X-band (9 GHz, 3 cm) and the task was to transmit target information and target distance to sight S-7B3/31 which was integrated with the radar.

The range for target detection was about 40 km.


The pilot received important information about the steer course, distance to the target, the target's height and speed from the combat command via speech or control data presented on the instrument panel.


The pilot controlled the radar beam with a hand control for detection and target tracking in side, height and distance.


The target echo was presented on the radar indicator indicating distance and direction to the target, as well as calculated contol and timing information for optimal firing point with respect to selected weapon.


The J 35F was equipped with a fixed mounted 30 mm autocannon, fighter rockets or fighter robots of the type RB 24 "Sidewinder" (IR robot/heat seeker), RB 27 (radar robot) and/or RB 28 (IR robot/heat seeker).


The PS-01 was later developed into the PS-011/A which was adapted to an IR tracker and was fitted in the J 35F type 2. and J 35J. In service 1965-1995