Artillery Fire Control System 703

(Arte 703)


Artillery Fire Control System 703 (Arte 703)


Arte 703 consisted of a Target Designator, a Central Sight (Cs m/55) which was an optical instrument with radar for distance measurement and a Central Instrument (Cim/55) for firing calculations.


Arte 703 together with two 40 mm anti-aircraft guns m/48 formed a anti-aircraft strap (LV-tropp).


One LV troop was included in the batteries: Trelge, Bungenäs, Hultungs, Slite/Mojner and mobile 15.2 m/37.


The target designator, which can be likened to a gun, was manned by a soldier who pointed it at the target and held the trigger. It gave a signal to the central aim and the play was roughly directed towards the goal.


The crew on the central sight captured the target optically and the range measured the distance.


The direction in side and height as well as distance to the target from the contra-sight was forwarded to the central instrument. There the direction values ​​were calculated and sent to the lv pieces.


The fire line was available in fixed and movable versions and could be used against both air and sea targets. Introduced into the war organization in the late 1950s and phased out in the late 1970s when it was replaced by the Arte 725