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Helicopters in service 10

Helicopters in service

Helicopter 10


In 1998, the Air Force began to replace its Hkp 4As used by the air rescue groups of the air flotillas for regional military air rescue (FRÄD). The basic requirement for the new helicopter was that it would be able to rescue two people from a flight crew regardless of the terrain they were in. The helicopter would be able to handle an hour's approach, an hour's search, an hour's return flight and then have 30 minutes of reserve fuel.


The helicopter was a modern equipped helicopter with modern instrumentation, automatic control, a well-functioning navigation computer and de-icing system. The control system can perform automatic positioning over an object, a loop with a plane to a set height and elevation next to the object.


The HKP 10A was based at the air flotillas F 7 (Såtenäs), F 15 (Söderhamn), F 17 (Ronneby) and F 21 (Luleå). The helicopter was in service in the Air Force until 1998, when they were transferred to the newly formed Helicopter Flotilla.


With Hkp 10, 757 rescue missions were carried out until 2002-09-01 when the Swedish Maritime Administration took over the air rescue service.

The total number of missions carried out was approx. 93% civilian and approx. 7% military in need of assistance.



Crew (5 pcs)

Driver (commander + pilot)

vehicle mechanic/winch operator

operator (navigator),

surface rescue worker (conscription)


Length:                           15.5 m (24.4 in rotors)

Rotor diameter:             15,6 m

Empty weight:               6000 kg

Max starting weight:     9 ton

Max last:                         4,2 ton/26 pax

Max load hook:             3000 kg

Max load winch:            270 kg

Engines:                         2 st Turboméca TAM 7A (Makila 1A2)

Engine power:               2 x 1819 hp

Cruise speed:                260 km/t (Max 300 km/t)

Fuel quantity:                2397 kg (4 hours 20 minutes)

Passenger:                     5 stretchers or 24 sitting