Helicopter 2

Helicopter 2



The Alouette II is a single-engine helicopter primarily intended for transport duties.

It is a French construction with advanced design and good performance that first flew in 1955.

Alouette II was part of the Swedish defense with the designation Hkp 2.


The helicopter type was added to the Navy in 1959 and served in all defense branches until decommissioning in 1988.

First helicopter powered by a gas turbine engine (half the weight of a corresponding piston engine).


The Navy procured thirteen Hkp 2s for transport missions as well as reconnaissance and rescue missions until 1985 in both the 1st and 2nd Helicopter Divisions.


The air force had a total of eleven Hkp 2. Within the air force, this helicopter was mainly used for liaison, transport and rescue missions and was based at flotillas F1, F4, F6, F7, F8, F21 and FC.

The helicopter type was in service until the late 1980s when they were replaced by the Hkp 9.


From November 1959 to early 1961, a total of twelve Hkp 2s were delivered to the army. They were used for passenger transport, transport of the wounded on external stretchers and for laying mines.

The army's helicopter operations were organized in 1959 into the helicopter school (HkpS) in Boden. The Army's Hkp 2 was in active service until until the spring of 1969 when they were replaced by Hkp 3.



Length:                             9,8 m

Height:                              2,7 m

Rotor diameter:               10,2 m

Empty weight:                 890 kg

Max startvikt:                   1.650 kg

Maximum speed:            180 km/h

Marschfart:                       150 km/h

Max persons on board:   5

Max fuel: 580 liter


Load capacity:                  760 kg

Action time:                       2 hours. 30 minutes

Max climb speed:             4,2 m/s

Service peak height:        3 200 m

Engine make:                    Turboméca Artouste II C

(Max) march effect:          (390) 330 hk

Additional equipment

Lastbryggor (2 st.)

External stretchers (2 pcs.)

Fold-out headlight

Rescue winch (FV)

Floats (M and FV)