With the aid of the compass protractor, the grenade launchers were oriented and parallelized in the ordered direction, starting position in the side (US).


When the parallel position was ready, the aiming plates were placed out in front of the grenade launcher so that the reticle of the aiming scope was on the L of the plates. The nearest plate approx. 6 m in front of the grenade launcher, the other a few meters further away.


When aiming, set the direction finder to the recommended value for direction and elevation on the direction instrument. For the side aimer, it was necessary to aim the grenade launcher so that the scope's crosshairs ended up at the same point on both aiming plates. At lower directions than US it will be to the left of L at higher to the right.

The altimeter directs so that the altitudinal level plays in and

cancels any ground tilt using the ground slope water level.