40mm Anti-aircraft cannon m/36  (Lvakan m/36)

40 mm anti-aircraft cannon m36

(Lvakan m/36)


The Bofors 40 mm was developed by Bofors during the 1930s for the need for fast-firing anti-aircraft guns to meet aviation's development of speed and precision bombing.


Pictuire 1: The cannon was produced in both a fixed and movable version with single or double lavettage.


Picture 2: Lvakan fixed grouped in double lavattage.


The coastal artillery grouped this type with double fires for the defense of the coastal reconnaissance radar stations (Ksr) at Hoburgen, Östergarn, Bungenäs and Stora Karlsö.


Picture 3: This specimen was grouped at Östergarnslandet.


Picture 4: The model was also found on navy ships.


Lvakan single lavattage fixed grouped.


The version fixed grouped with a fire tube was on mine unit and some other ships as well as two at the coastal reconnaissance radar on Gotska Sandön.


Lvakan movable single lavatory.


The mobile model was included in the 7.5 cm batteries m/57 at Fårö, Kappelshamn, S:t Olofsholm, Ljugarn and at 12/70 battery SE 1, as well as some other connections.


Caliber:                         40mm

Rate of fire:                   120 rounds/minute

Range:                          5000 m

Direction:                      Hand direction height and side

Ammunition:                Track light spring grenade

Magasin:                       4 cartridges


40 mm automatic cannon M/36 was part of the royal organization from 1940 until the closure of the Gotland Coastal Artillery Regiment KA 3 years 2000.