15,2 cm cannon model 1898

15,2 cm cannon m/1898


The cannon type was a naval artillery piece that was part of Battery Trelge (TG) at the northern entrance to the Fårösund Basin and Battery Bungenäs (BN) at the southern entrance. The batteries were organized in 1938.

In 1958, battery BN was replaced with more modern pieces.


The battery included 3 cannons which were placed in open piece wells.

Storage and ammunition bins were in adjacent shelters to the play.

When older warships were decommissioned, the guns were transferred to the Coastal Artillery.

This piece formed the aft turret of the armored boat “Göta” (1903-1938).


Shooting range:            21 km

Rate of fire:                   7 shots/minute

Grenade Weight:           46 kg

Crew:                           12 soldiers


Picture 1:    Unmasked in the piece well.

Picture 2:    Masked cannon battery TG

Picture 3:    Masked cannon battery BN

Picture 4:    The armored boat Göta

Picture 5:    Ammunition storage

Picture 6:    Charge