20 mm Automatpjäs m/40-73

20 mm Automatpjäs m/40-73


Picture 1: HMS Hojskär


The automatic piece was used against air targets and sea targets.


The piece had a rotating magazine of 36 cartridges, which allowed for a high rate of fire.


The piece type equipped the coastal artillery patrol boats type 60 and 70.


This example comes from KA 3 patrol boat 70, HMS Hojskär.


The play has been on several of the fleet's ships (torpedo boats, submarines, minesweepers, destroyers, etc.).


The mobile version was named field automatic piece m/40 and was used in ground defense both against air targets and combat vehicles.


Used in all artillery units within the coastal artillery for protection against helicopters.


Picture 2: Field automatic piece


Picture 3: Store


Caliber:                         20 mm

Range                          1500 m

Rate of fire:                   370 shots/minute

Magazine:                     25 cartridges

Lateral field:                  360 degrees

Vertical field:                 -5 to +85 degrees

Aim:                              Weibull reflex sight 308


20 mm automatic piece were included in war organization from 1940 until the closure of Gotland's Coastal Artillery Regiment KA 3 in 2000.