Central instrumentation 704 (Ci 704) Artillery discharge 704 (Arte 704)

Central instrumentation 704 (Ci 704) Artillery discharge 704 (Arte 704)


A French analog instrument was added the coastal artillery and was placed on the heavy ones artillery units during the late 1950s, and proceeded from the war organization in beginning of the 70s.


On Gotland it was 15.2 cm the batteries were on

Bungenäs and Trelge which were modernized with the instrument together with measuring station troops (fixed grouping or mobile) consisting of fire control radar PA 31 and 4 meters inbasinstrument.


The central instrument consisted of three mode element calculators and three push element calculators (one for each piece).


The position of the measuring stations and pieces in relation to the central instrument (parallax) was entered into the system to get correct values.


Direction and distance to the target as well as the target's course and speed were obtained from the measuring station troops.


The data was entered into the measuring element calculator. In the sliding element calculators, the daily corrections were added to the values ​​and formed sliding elements (side direction and height direction) for the piece. Daily corrections are, for example, temperature, wind direction, wind speed, air pressure and more. that is, everything that affected the path of the shell to the target.


The shooting elements were transferred to the direction receivers of the pieces and the directions followed with a so-called follower system.


Observations during shooting were set as left and right and beyond and here

in relation to the target.