Fire control radar PA31

Fire Control radar PA 31

Radar antenna


Fire control radar PA 31 was an English radar station acquired for the Coast Artillery in the late 1940s.


The station was one of the Coast Artillery's first fire control radars and was primarily used for distance measurement and for impact observation.


The station appeared as a fixed installation in a rock room and a mobile version on a trailer.


In the fixed version, the antenna was placed on the roof of a bunker, while other components were placed inside the bunker.


The mobile version, when grouped, had the antenna located on the roof of the radar carriage and other parts inside the carriage.

During transport, the antenna was rolled down and lashed to the bed of the truck.


The antenna was scanning and was laterally directed from the bearing follower.


Picture 1:Fast version

Picture 2:Movable version together with 4 meter inbass meter


Other components are shown inside / Skans 4